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Frontiers of Business Ethics: Moral Issues in Business Practice is a business ethics course that aims to promote ethical reflection and practical decision making. Primarily, relationships entail a sequence of transactions between two parties, as previously considered In some instances, the serial transactions and the recurring obligations that arise are the only basis for the relationship, and the only responsibility of one party to another.

If you start early, and instill a good sense of ethical conduct within your employees, or as an employee cultivate these ethics within yourself, then you can be assured of working in a company that will not fall prey to deceptive practices and fraudulent ethicsbusiness ethics

It’s an impressive total, especially for those of us who have been appalled by continuing stories of unsafe working conditions (I’ve written lots of blogposts about it, most recently, here ). As I’ve written, all of us who buy clothes have a responsibility to try to determine that those clothes were made under fair and safe ethics

The aftermath of the Note 7 explosions were posted on social media by customers and soon the mainstream media caught wind of it. On September 2nd Samsung announced a total recall of 2.5 million phones (Reuters) citing that faulty batteries must be the defect.

Reputation is now more important than ever as a result of an increasing number of laws that regulate our business, higher expectations from our customers and the general public about the way we do business, and a business environment characterized by global expansion, technological advances, and increased competition.


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