Business Management BSc (Hons) (Undergraduate)

By submitting this form I agree that I can be contacted using the email or phone number that I provided. Supply Chain Management and Information Systems: You will also develop and appreciation of the role of supply chains in serving global markets, addressing issues such as the application of various systems to facilitate digital transactions (e.g. SAP, CRM)v and issues related to web performance (e.g. web design and google analytics).

This week I study the internal environment,i will introduce the general environment which is Porter‘s five forces.I think porter’s five forces can be defined as a tool for understanding where power lies in a business situation and decide whether it is profitable or not.

Internet, which has opened the boundaries, we can trade on it, communicate on it and advertise on it, in the whole world within seconds, Easy and quick travel methods and reduction in barriers to enter new places, a British passport holder can enter 173 countries in the world without a visa or a on arrival visa and also, Saturated markets forces business to move to different markets, where the cost of production is managementbusiness management

Introduces students to the concepts and practices of entrepreneurship, through team and individual work, helping them students to understand what is required to enable enterprise and enterprising ideas and practices as required in contemporary business.

NATURE : All fields of life require management.Without proper management,our life would turn out to be a total major examples being : management of emotions,management of time,management of budget,management of an organisation,managment of routine,management of resources & so list is a nutshell the nature of management is omnipresent & pervasive(spread throughout).Neglecting this term would result in a unorganised & chaotic management


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