6 Ways Businesses Can Serve People With Disabilities

People with disabilities love to shop and dine just like anyone else, so the challenge for businesses is making their facility more disability-friendly. One smart move you can adopt is to cater to as many groups of customers as you can, and this includes those who have been disabled due to an accident or since birth.

To better serve the group and make shopping or dining more convenient for them, you can come up with new ways and implement them in your business. We’ve compiled a handful tips to help you start improving your facility and your business in general.

  • 1.Maintain Wide And Clutter-free Aisles

For a convenient shopping experience, make sure to maintain the aisles and walk-paths free from any clutter such as boxes and new stock. Whether it’s a holiday or new supplies have just arrived, loading your spaces with unnecessary items doesn’t help in making your shop accessible for people with disabilities. Aside from that, it can also cause accidents like trips and slips to staff and other customers.

  • 2.Offer Help

Most staff members hesitate to offer help to people with disabilities because it may be viewed as rude or an act that belittles their capacity. But most often than not, they are just waiting for someone who can help. Why not take the initiative to lend a hand? Whether it’s reaching or searching for something, approaching people with disabilities to offer help is a way to go for businesses.

Sometimes, customers with disabilities make special requests. For example, they may ask for help in cutting meat. Inform the staff about these possible requests, making sure they understand and politely extend a hand.

  • 3.Install Tactile Button Switches At Checkout

Primarily for people with vision problems, tactile button switches installed at checkout allow them to enter their pin for payment independently. You can designate a lane where these buttons will be installed, and make it known by displaying a sign for all to see. There can be a variety of these on the market, and the great thing is they’re super affordable, so there’s no excuse not to implement this in your business.

  • 4.Give Extra Time

It is also important to give customers with disabilities extra time at checkout. Often, due to the number of customers, the staff likes to do everything in a fast-paced manner. Even so, make sure to give extra time to people with disabilities. Be patient; your business will not go down even if you spend another minute catering to them.

  • 5.Install An Automatic Door Button

Moving on to the more expensive enhancements, an automatic door button in your shop takes the first place. The goal of a disability-friendly establishment is to make things more convenient to patrons with disabilities, so if you can afford to install an automatic button for the main door, it would make their experience hassle-free, particularly for those in a wheelchair.

  • 6.Allow Assistive Devices And Service Animals

Customers with disabilities use devices and have service animals to assist them in their daily living. To create a more disability-friendly environment, assistive devices including wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, and oxygen tanks should be allowed inside your business premise. If possible, you can also develop a policy allowing service animals in the area. Both assistive devices and service animals are a great help to people with disabilities, so going an extra mile to accommodate them is a big plus for your business.

Besides those mentioned, you can be creative in improving the facility of your business. In our society today, many businesses don’t cater to the needs of people with disabilities. No matter their situation and condition, they should be treated with respect and consideration.