Please note the application deadline for this course is Friday 25th August 2017. Business Intelligence is a concept and not a tool to be composed by components. The easier the program is to uses the better, if people forget how to use software – they just will not use it. Instead, let’s kick start the year with some definite plans and aspirations of companies in the business intelligence intelligencebusiness intelligence

Once the Web 2.0 look started, there has been a trend of business intelligence dashboards and Balanced Scorecard designs adopting the Web 2.0 look. How many times do we hear of systems that the business treats as a mysterious black hole delivering questionable results.

You can only design good data visualization tools if you’ve engaged in the practice of data visualization yourself at an expert level. With Business Intelligence solutions from BroadPoint, transform your company’s data into stunning visual dashboards so you can focus on what matters to you.

The size and scope of your project will determine whether specialist software is a worthwhile investment. Taught by analytics and IT experts, SNHU’s MBA in Business Intelligence program complements the traditional MBA education in economics, marketing and operations with data-driven tactics that can be applied to almost every business vertical.

Business intelligence is sometimes used interchangeably with business analytics ; in other cases, business analytics is used either more narrowly to refer to advanced data analytics or more broadly to include both BI and advanced analytics. The software or business sector is a secondary focus, and by definition this ensures that the project is handled in a less biased, and therefore far superior way to any of the above intelligence