Business Ethics Defined

Business ethics refers to contemporary organizational standards, principles, sets of values and norms that govern the actions and behavior of an individual in the business organization. Therefore, companies can’t think solely about themselves and try to take advantage of stakeholders (Salazar).Under Kantianism, the case regarding Under Armour making enticing Maryland University Men’s Basketball recruits with shoe deals is ethicsbusiness ethics

Employees are stakeholders as they want to know if the company they are working for is ethical or else they would feel bad working for the company, and also any changes to the business regarding ethical issues that may affect the employees would want to be known by them.

To let you realize that religion, teaching, ethics involves inappropriate efforts to impose certain values and control behavior, but we believe that employers have a real responsibility to teach employees what they need to know to recognize and deal with ethical issues they are likely to face at work.

It concentrates on moral standards that the system of business, business organizations, and individuals with in the business organizations and individuals who deal with business organizations have to evaluate and follow in their day to day dealings and decisions.

But leaders’ lack of attention to the ethical culture as the organization was undergoing a significant business transformation practically guaranteed that the messages sent by the informal culture would begin to contradict those sent by the formal culture and lead to a culture that was seriously out of alignment as well as one that increasingly sent messages suggesting only the bottom line ethics