Business Intelligence Master’s Degree

Business Intelligence is about concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems. This is precisely the reason that business intelligence is also referred to as ‘decision-support system’ or DSS. Along with this the risk involved in the business intelligence program should also be calculated and so planning should be done accordingly. Business Intelligence implementations are a different animal to other IT development and should be treated as intelligence

There are Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools that can connect directly to your accounting system or CRM, providing a tunnel for your info to get from one place to another on a scheduled or manual basis. The course covers employment law, contracts, tort and product liability, internet law as well as other legal issues affecting the business intelligence

Students will apply financial and analytical skills gained in prior coursework, as well as principles of corporate finance, to business decision making. Purpose – Functionality Alignment – Most traditional BI tools fail to integrate and align business needs with the BI intelligence

Business intelligence definitely is a broad topic, but it is so essential in order to thrive and expand. Rather than request a report and then wait for it to be created, the user can log into the business intelligence application and view all the critical information presented in a way that doesn’t take a specialist to understand.

The group also tweeted about a new thrust in business intelligence functionality — location intelligence or location analytics. The outright hunger for information and for varied applications drives the migration from traditional BI structures to one of the new Agile Business Intelligence systems.