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Business Intelligence (BI) is the field of combining data, technology, business processes and analytics to optimize business decisions and drive success. Business decisions, as many of our colleagues in business and your own experience can attest, are frequently based on hope or fear, what others seem to be doing, what senior leaders have done and believe has worked in the past, and their clearly held ideologies—in short, on lots of things other than facts…If doctors practiced medicine the way many companies practice management, there would be far more sick and dead patients, and many more doctors would be in intelligence

To help with that, a growing number of organizations are replacing traditional waterfall development with Agile BI and data warehousing approaches that use Agile software development techniques to break up BI projects into small chunks and deliver new functionality to end users on an incremental and iterative intelligence

In this on-demand webinar, Aberdeen Group VP and Principal Analyst Michael Lock will discuss findings from his latest research into the current state of BI, analytics, and alternative and hybrid approaches that can provide tools to serve a new generation of customers.

You can now interrogate the commit status of a transaction directly, and we’ve got better tracking of replication lag psql now supports \if.. \elseif.. \else.. \endif to make scripting easier, and there are new functions and new roles to allow monitoring tools to run without superuser privileges.

Students will be supported in developing state-of-the-art knowledge and professional competencies in the analysis, interpretation and management of corporate knowledge resources, with the expectation of gaining proficiency in application tools of relevance to high technology intelligence