Galaxy Note 7 Explosion (2016)

As a global industry that operates in a wide range of jurisdictions including underdeveloped and developing countries, business ethics and anti-corruption are a major focus for the mining industry. We could take a social perspective and consider the present status of women in the workplace. The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics contains rules for all individuals performing work for Ericsson, under the staff management of Ericsson, whether as an employee of Ericsson or of a subcontractor, or as a private contractor.

These scams have therefore highlighted the two greatest ethical crises our business world faces – the crises of (a) pervasive cheating and (b) people watching and doing nothing as those around them cheat. However for some, business has no meaning apart from some profit maximization method.

Gives protection to social groups : Business ethics give protection to different social groups such as consumers, employees, small businessmen, government, shareholders, creditors, etc. Business organizations generate revenue, and some of this revenue is distributed to their employees in the form of pay.

But even in these instances, an object is still merely dangerous – if any question of ethics arises, it is generally asked of the person who designed the object, or the person who uses it, or of the person who provides it to another to be used. The CSR policies have affected the shareholders negatively, as all the policies that Microsoft implemented costs the business a lot to maintain, meaning that Microsoft makes less money resulting in share value ethicsbusiness ethics

Accountability: Technology allows for greater anonymity and distance, requiring a concurrent increased exigency for personal responsibility and accountability. The guidelines also called for the assignment of specific high-level individuals with responsibility to oversee legal compliance ethics