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The latest marketing insights, plus sneak peeks at session content from the Conference! A marketing strategy is the foundation for which you can judge whether or not your plan is successful. Marketing takes many forms, but includes outbound methods such as TV advertising and mail shots as well as newer inbound methods such as blogging and pay-per-click advertising.marketingmarketing

Consistency is the number one marketing concept for small business marketing only because it is left out of marketing concepts for so many businesses. The following goals and associated learning outcomes delineate what we strive for students to achieve when they complete the major program of study in Marketing.

In this unique program, you’ll get to run live campaigns on major marketing platforms. Marketing experts John Quelch and Katherine Jocz offer a new way to think about place in every strategic decision-from how to leverage consumer associations with locations to where to position products on the

Developments in media and digital technology have spawned a new era in marketing. Planning is the most vital part of small business marketing or any level of marketing, for that matter, and so many owners, marketing managers, and even CMOs plan poorly. Marketing is far more than just selling or advertising – ultimately, it is marketing that decides what products and services an organisation will offer, to which customers, at what price, using which channels.

Digital Marketing Nanodegree program graduates are not eligible to receive this tuition refund upon completion of their studies. UC is the top-ranked Marketing department in New Zealand for research (the latest Tertiary Education Commission 2012 PBRF assessment) and our lecturers are regular recipients of teaching awards at UC.