International Business Programs

Reserve a seat in our business class, and you’ll be prepared to work anywhere in the world. HBO degree courses are open to secondary school graduates with a HAVO, VWO or MBO 4 diploma. You will also establish an overview of business organisations in a global context and be introduced to key areas of business such as finance, marketing and data business

International business majors leave APU ready to guide a business through the complex global marketplace. Global Logistics and International Trade examines, in a global context, the set of processes required to strategically manage materials and product flows from suppliers through to the final customer in order to achieve competitive business

A nation’s culture and social forces can restrict international business activities. This is a supervised work placement related to your major(s), for an organisation of your choice in New Zealand or overseas. In the second year, you will be introduced to the international business context and examine how managerial issues vary around the globe.

This gives students the time to decide on their career path while they are gaining insight into the fundamentals of business. Former studies in a foreign language would be beneficial and allow the inclusion of more advanced language courses as part of the business

As a double degree graduate, you’ll have a special skill set that will help you stand out with future employers. Macquarie’s international business program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make your mark in this intricate and exciting field.