SBA 504 Loan

The local bank has traditionally been the source of capital for small business owners in the United States. With GoKapital, you can apply for a number of business lending options, including SBA loans, short-term loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, franchise loans, business-acquisitions loans, and loans for minorities and women.

The interest rates can be so low that you would be surprised, but we will get back to this subject later on. These loans also provide easy payments that turn reimbursement into a simple task as the installments are always affordable without much sacrifices.small business loans

Again, since your business has already demonstrated that it can win business, the focus of this loan approval is not based on your personal credit or the cash position of your company but in the next cash event – when your customer receives the completed order and pays you.small business loans

Thus, if you are one of the many that want a lender to focus their loan approval on your business and not on your credit, then seek the right business loan; a loan that has no reason to focus on your credit (as you and your business have already done the work) but focuses more on the merits and wherewithal of your company’s future potential.small business loans

For example, 57 percent of those who participated in the ETA survey chose a shorter-term loan option with a higher APR for a hypothetical short-term business opportunity because it offered a lower overall dollar cost when compared to a longer-term loan with a lower APR.