Small Business? Big Ideas

We strive to provide you with information about products and services you might find interesting and useful. The balanced scorecard approach stresses the importance of investing for the future, not just in traditional investments, such as research, development, equipment and technology, but also in the development of the people, infrastructure, systems and procedures in the organisation.

For the last three years, the 100 have not only received exposure on our social media channels and in the local press, but also joined the Small Business Saturday team in London at receptions in both Downing Street and The Treasury Drum with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.small business

Businesses in trouble can also be bought for real bargain prices, especially if you have the expertise and resources to put it back on an even keel, but make sure you know precisely how much trouble it is in. Buying an existing business can be like staggering through a minefield.

It is a process that marketers and organisations undertake by not only looking at contemporary market (existing) but rather to look at new methods through market development that targets new customers, new locations, new perceptions and culture and above all product appreciations.small business

Your list should include three categories: improvements that you know to be possible, and which are core requirements for your expense; a wish list of things you would like to have, but which may be future development efforts; and a list of things which would transform the way you do business, but which may not be possible.small business