SMU Undergraduate

If you want to study in the heart of Toronto’s business district, in the largest undergraduate business school in Ontario, then the Ted Rogers School of Business Management at Ryerson is the place to be. Ryerson-educated business managers use their extensive knowledge of business functions and marketplace dynamics to effectively manage teams, achieve business objectives and increase profits. Working with people is a primary focus of management; therefore, good communications skills (both oral and written) are essential to the success of the manager. According to Avad and Ghazari: Knowledge management is the process of gathering and making use of collective expertise anywhere in business.

Involve senior management in the development of this deliverable so that there will be buy-in” at the senior level. Responding to changing priorities of businesses around the world, this course focuses on sustainable, ethical and socially responsible approaches to business and management, and to wider management

University of Winchester students studying Bachelor Honours degrees are pre-approved to start a Masters degree at Winchester. Another business management characteristic is to know how to respond to industry changes and market conditions. Students pursue careers within strategic planning, project management, business development, product development, finance, human resources and marketing.

Purpose: This module is intended to qualify the student/s as operations management practitioners and graduates at B Tech level. Courses in this sector are formulated to equip you with the practical skills and background knowledge you need to accomplish administrative, communication and management tasks within any management

Your degree will provide useful background knowledge, evidence of some of useful skills, and possibly some exemptions from papers in professional examinations. Assessment methods vary from module to module but, across your degree scheme as a whole, you can expect a mixture of exams, coursework, essays, practical work, presentations, and individual and group management