A Whistleblower’s Tale

Cincinnati Police say an officer was injured in a fight with a suspect early Thursday morning, according to WLWT. Social Security and all other agencies are operating on continuing funding resolutions. SSA also will need funding in 2018 that keeps pace with inflation and increasing workloads, as baby boomers continue to age and the numbers of applicants and beneficiaries continue to grow.social security administration

Went in for a name change (to my married name), and it took 5 min in total for the friendly rep to initiate and process the change on her end. The Social Security Administration manages the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. If the surviving spouse is not caring for minor children and is not at least 62 years of age, he or she cannot continue to receive the social security retirement check previously being paid to the spouse who died.social security administration

As a general matter, Social Security tries hard …