What Is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Data Visualisation Software : Quickly visualise your data and create actionable insight. While the term is often heard in relation to software vendors, there’s more to BI than just software tools. This is a limited example of how business intelligence can increase profits and reduce costs when used properly. Please note that you must select the specific Master’s degree programme, Business Intelligence, in the tabs just above the study diagram!business intelligence

E. Biaya pengadaan rendah Karena BI hanya software yang bekerja pada layer teratas dari pengolahan informasi, harga software-nya tidak semahal ERP. BI is more than just corporate reporting and more than a set of tools to coax data out of enterprise systems.business intelligencebusiness intelligence

In addition, if business intelligence is relied on to make critical decisions, businesses must make sure the data they’re using is accurate. Companies with the most success in business intelligence are those that invest in tools and processes to make sure records are complete and accurate.

It is expected that new job titles will continue to emerge and we anticipate that graduates of the MSc in Business Intelligence and Social Media course will be well placed to fill these new roles in the USA, China, India – essentially globally. Business intelligence tools would not only help you check your growth in the market, it would also help you check the progress of every department within your own organization.

Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, meaning a program written on Mac OS X, for example, could also run on Windows. IJBIDM is devoted to the publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical applications in business intelligence, data analysis and data mining.